Private Half Day Tour of Bethlehem

Where It All Happened

According to an ancient Hebrew saying, “a man is the fruit of his home’s landscapes.” The Christ is no mere man, of course, but as God sent His only begotten son to walk amongst us, we should feel blessed for having the opportunity to know Him and walk in his footsteps, as well as witnessing with our own eyes the environment in which He grew up.

Many people want to witness the glory that is Bethlehem, but for whatever reason their time is limited. The good news is, if you have a good guide, half a day in Bethlehem is a lot. For that reason, many travelers who feel they want a concise experience take both Bethlehem and Israel Private Tours with the amazing BeinHarim Tours travel company.

Where It All Began

Two thousand and so years ago, a most miraculous thing has happened: a baby was born in a manger. That was, without a doubt, the most significant birth in history. In Christianity nativity holds a significant place; knowing the stories of the miraculous conception, of the holy night and the wise magi is a part of the core education of any Christian. Bethlehem, the town in which the Christ was born, is a spring of Christian tourism and sightseeing, and a guided tour will relate the story and connect it to specific sites in the city in a way that’ll move you and set your imaginations and hearts reeling.


What it is Today

When the word Bethlehem rises to mind one could not be held guilty if he or she thinks of faraway biblical times, but as we know Bethlehem is not just a city of the past. Adorned with amazing churches built by many congregations during many different periods, filled with many significant museums and artifacts and containing beautiful natural surroundings, while Jesus’ birth is of course the city’s main attraction, it is far from being the only one. A good tour of the city will not only enlighten you as to what the city was, but also show you what it is today.



What to see: The Church of Nativity, standing above the place where Jesus was born, is a beautiful and amazingly preserved byzantine church from the 4th century.

Where to eat: Ha’agala, a country café located a short car drive or a beautiful bike ride away from Bethlehem, is a charming place for those who want to combine great food with relaxation. Ha’agala, Ha’Horesh 3, Alonei Aba.

Where to sleep: Talitha Kumi Guest House is known for high standards and great service, and is just five minutes’ walk from the most important destinations. B’eit Jala 7.



Cycling Tour in Israel

This one is for our forest loving friends who like to mix great cycling with an entertainment rich environment. The Ben Shemen forest national park, located in lowland Israel, has anything you could think of and then some: a wicked bike trail, a monkey park, historical landmarks from the age of the Maccabees, artwork, picnic grounds and just about anything a national park could offer. Whether you are looking for a good action packed day for the family or just a beautiful forest cycling, Ben Shemen is definitely a destination that is more than worth your time, as are the other cool destination you can get by taking an Israel tour packages with the ever exciting BeinHarim Tours. So without further ado, let’s talk a bit about the park and why you should definitely visit.

Special Attractions

Monkey park: Aside from the amazing forest that is over 7,500 acers long, the most amazing thing about the Ben Shemen forest is the monkey park. In the park, the monkeys are using the trees to do what they do best, and it’s so unbelievably exciting to watch them do it that you’ll never want to leave. The monkey park makes a visit to Ben Shemen a favorite choice of many Israeli families, as it allows to split the day between nature and a kid friendly activity in a manner that best utilizes a day of vacation.

Monks’ Valley: Monks’ Valley is a site located in the park which contains three caves, one which was used by pilgrims making their way to Jerusalem and was supposedly the setting of a miracle which God performed for a rabbi named Gamzo, one which served as a Roman burial ground and a water cave which has a cute little pool in it. Easily the most historic site on the premises, Monk’s valley is a peeking hole into the distant past and its realities.

Park for the people with seeing disabilities: One of the most touching attractions of the Ben Shemen forest is a small park within it that was specifically designed for people with seeing disabilities. This park incorporates many kinetic elements that allow blind people to navigate it without assistance, and it is also recommended for people without seeing disabilities to try to walk it blindly to feel what it is like and increase empathy.

Best Hiking Route

There are many great ways to explore the Ben Shemen forest park, but the most exciting is definitely by bike. You can rent a bike on the premise or bring your own, but be prepared for an exciting eighteen-and-a-half miles of riding through one of the most beautiful forests in the middle east. While many routes in Ben Shemen enable bike riding, take our suggestion and follow the one marked red: the medium difficulty trail which takes you through the heart of the forest.

To get there, enter the forest by car from route 443 east. After getting to the forest, get your bikes and ride along the blue trail until you reach the red trail marking. From there on, just ride and enjoy. Keep in mind that the park can get hot at times, so the morning usually works best for riding.


Private Day Trips in Israel

Private Day Trips in Israel: The Dead Sea

Not too far from Jerusalem and Nazareth, in an area called the Judea Desert, sits one of the most popular and enchanting sites in the holy land. Combining the ancient views from the bible with one of the most amazing natural phenomenon that ever existed, a tour to the dead sea is a perfect combination between spirituality and fun. BeinHarim Tours offers a truly unique and amazing Dead Sea private tour that is sure to please any traveler.


Masada: The Tale of Religious Heroism

Masada, an ancient Jewish fort from biblical times seating on top of a square shaped mountain, is known as a place where Jewish warriors fought the Romans to the bitter end. Rather than surrender and convert, the people of Masada chose instead to take their own lives. Masada has become a symbol in Judeo-Christian tradition for unwavering faith, and the moving story is sure to strengthen you in your beliefs.

What to see: during the evening, am impressive multimedia light show takes place on the Masada site and retells the story of the battle for Masada.

Where to eat: Taj Mahal restaurant, located in Ein Bokek, is a great eastern food place with cheerful atmosphere and unique dishes. Located at Leonardo Inn Hotel in Ein Bokek.

Where to stay: Harrods Dead Sea hotel is close to both Masada and the dead sea. The hotel is known for its spectacular design and great service, and is completely Kosher.


The Dead Sea: The Earth’s Lowest Point is also its Most Relaxing

The Dead Sea is a beautiful and unique place. Considered the lowest point on earth’s surface, the Dead Sea is filled with helpful minerals, great views and great weather. It is also filled with people, unless you know where to go. Touryourway will make sure you get the most out of your relaxation time at this most extraordinary location.

What to see: the best thing to do is go on a hike. If you have some spare time, go hit the mountains!

What to eat: Auvers, a restaurant located in Ein Gedi kibbutz, stands in front of an impressive and ancient baobab tree and serves some of the best food in the area. The restaurant is located in the Ein Gedi Hotel.

Where to stay: David Dead Sea Spa Resort is a professional hotel which had become a favorite for many Israelis because of its great service and short distance from the dead sea. Located in Ein Bokek main street.



Israel private tours

Seeing Israel with your own private tour guide is the ideal way to cover the attractions in an enjoyable, stress-free and efficient way. There are private Israel day trips to many destinations across the country, each focused on a particular area or interest. Some of the BeinHarim Tours Israel private tours focus on Biblical sites in Jerusalem and in the Galilee; other tours take you to fascinating locations like the Dead Sea and Masada. There are also private day tours from central Israel and from Eilat to Petra in Jordan. Whatever your interests and whatever time restraints you have you can find a private tour which satisfies you. In addition there are private transportation services from Ben Gurion Airport to Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and Natanya. If you are arriving in Israel on a cruise ship then you can book a private day tour from ship-to-shore.

Top Private Israel Tours

Although it is possible to tailor-make your private tour there are suggested itineraries provided so that you have some idea of what can be covered in one day.

Jerusalem Private Tours

On a private tour to Jerusalem you will be able to plan with your tour guide whether to focus on Biblical sites like the Via Dolorosa, Stations of the Cross and the Holy Sepulchre or on Jewish landmarks like the Wailing Wall; King David’s Tomb and Yad VaShem. You could also opt for a tour of the unique ancient waterways which run beneath the city and the excavated City of David. Other Jerusalem private tours cover the city’s historic sites in general and take you to Christian, Jewish and Muslim landmarks as well as the gorgeous Mount of Olives and Mount Zion. You could take one of the Israel private tours dividing your day between Jerusalem and Bethlehem or the Dead Sea.

Masada and the Dead Sea Private Tours

Take an exciting private excursion to the desert rock outcrop of Masada where King Herod built his mountain top desert fortress on the flat summit of Masada. A tour to Masada is usually combined with a visit to the adjacent Dead Sea. At the Dead Sea you can choose to spend time lounging on the beach or visiting one of the shore-side spas for special spa treatments that use Dead Sea products.

Israel Private Tours to the North

Israel private tours

Private tours to northern Israel include places like Nazareth where Jesus grew up and where the annunciation took place. You can also visit the Sea of Galilee and many landmarks on the shores of the sea like the Mounts of Beatitudes and the site of the miracle of the loaves and fish. Near the Sea of Galilee is a site called Yardenit on the Jordan River. Here tourists can be baptized in the same river where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. Other private tour options include Caesarea, Haifa, Acre, the Golan Heights, Tel Aviv the Judean Hills, Zichron and taking a private desert jeep tour.

Cycling Tours Israel

There are a number of cycle tours available in Israel and the country is geared towards outdoor recreational activities and sports. In addition to the many official cycle routes there are several inner-city cycle paths and cycle tours available. In the major cities there are bike-share programs where you can rent a bike from one of many stations across the city and return the bike at a different location. This convenient cycle-share program is a great way to see a city. In Tel Aviv the bike-share program is called Tel-o-Fun.

Whether you choose to see the country by cycling independently or by joining a group you will find that the Israeli mentality and the wonderful weather are perfect for cyclists. There are cycle tours for people of all levels of fitness and in all areas of the country from the Galilee to the Negev Desert in the south.

Cycling Tours Israel

Leading cycling events in Israel include the Arad Dead Sea Gran Fondo which takes place annually in March. There is also Sovev Tel Aviv (or around Tel Aviv), an event held in September. Sovev Tel Aviv is the country’s largest cycle event and attracts about 30,000 cyclists annually.

Israel Tour Packages

You can combine a cycle tour with one of BeinHarim Tours Israel tour packages which come in several varieties. The Israel tour packages range from three days to 10 days and focus on the tourist’s interests, the top historic sites and attractions. Once you have taken an exhilarating cycle tour of the country sit back and relax on one of the Israel tour packages to see the rest of the country and what it has to offer.

For Christian travelers there are Israel tour packages which focus on Biblical locations including the sites where Jesus was born in Bethlehem; where he spent his ministry preaching in the Galilee; where he was crucified in Jerusalem and where he spent his childhood in Nazareth.

Jewish travelers can take a package tour which brings them to sites like the Western Wall and the graves of holy Jewish sages. A visit to Safed is often included in Jewish tours; this hilltop city is where many holy Jewish texts were written including the mystical Kabbalah.

General interest package tours include famous landmarks like the Old City of Jerusalem; Tel Aviv; the Baha’i Gardens in Haifa; Rosh HaNikra in the extreme north of the country; the Sea of Galilee; the Golan Heights; the Dead Sea; Masada and even the beach resort city of Eilat on the edge of the Red Sea. If you have time you could also include a visit to Petra, Jordan in your Israeli itinerary. When planning a cycle tour in Israel be sure to include at least a few days of touring the county with an organized tour so that you will be sure of seeing all the top attractions.

Jebel an Nabi Harun (Tomb of the Prophet Harun)

The Tomb of the Prophet Harun stands on Mount Hor (Jebel Nebi Harun or Mount of the Prophet Aaron) not far from Petra in the Kingdom of Jordan. Aaron or Harun is a prophet in three faiths – Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The remote desert location of this holy tomb makes it even more sacred and a unique experience if you have a chance to visit.

Who was the Prophet Harun?

The Prophet Harun is mentioned 20 times in the Muslim Quran and in the Judo-Christian Bible he is known as Aaron, brother of Moses. And so there are two traditions involving this figure. The Muslim story of the Prophet Hanun tells of Musa (Moses) being commanded by Allah to go to the Pharaoh and ask for his brother Harun to be ordained as a prophet so that he could serve at Musa’s side. Musa had a speech impediment and wanted Harun to accompany him to speak to the people in his place. Unlike Musa Harun was a gifted speaker. Harun is said to have lived for 122 years.

According to Jewish tradition Harun (Aaron) was a Jewish High Priest. Like the Islamic tradition the Old Testament tells of Aaron accompanying his brother Moses and doing the talking for him, spreading God’s word. Jews believe that Aaron, Moses’ brother, died on Mount Hor. The mount is one of 42 Stations of the Exodus marking places the Israelites stopped on their exodus from Egypt. There are many local legends surrounding Harun and how his remains ended up on this mountain.

The Tomb of Aaron

Since the Byzantine era there have been other structures marking the burial site of Aaron. The present white building housing the remains of the prophet is thought to have been built in the 13th century by Mameluk Sultan Al Nasir Mohammad. Local Islamic legend tells of 10 year old Prophet Mohammed visiting the site. The tomb is topped with a white dome and there are stairs going to the roof of the tomb where there are wonderful views across the desert. For years the local Bedouins would protect the site from non-Muslims but today visitors of all faiths can visit.

Mount Hor

In the Biblical book of Numbers we read of Mount Hor  being on the edge of the land of Edom which is present-day Jordan. The mount has two peaks and stands at an elevation of 1350 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by smaller summits of the Edomite Mountains and is the highest peak in the area. The name Mount Hor is given to two locations in the Old Testament – one on the eastern shore of the Dead Sea (in Jordan) and the other in northern Israel on the coast. On the peak of Mount Hor is the Tomb of Aaron which is believed to stand over Aaron’s grave.

Tours to the mount should only be made with a knowledgeable guide. You can only reach the foot of the mountain with transport, after which you need to hike the last stretch of the trip.

Petra: All the Way to Explore the Magical City

Petra, literally “rock” in Greek or “the rose city” by its common nickname, is an ancient Nabataeans city located in the south of Jordan. Only approachable to non-Muslims since the late 50’s, Petra is now considered one of the seven new world wonders and for a good reason: the city, whose structures were carved from the side of local red rock mountains, is an absolute architectural and archeological marvel, and today stands as Jordan’s most significant tourist attraction. So how can you get there and what are you expected to see? Read more to find out.


What to See in Petra

When a traveler comes to Petra he or she has to pass through the Sik Canyon, a narrow passages of smooth red rock, before he or she can see the city emerging, almost by surprise, at the end of it. This journey makes Petra seem as if it is born right in front of your eyes, and sets the tone for the entire visit.

The most notable structure is the Al-Khazneh, or “The Treasury”, an impressive Nabataeans temple that is the city’s greatest trademark. Having a dominant classical Greek-influenced architecture, Al-Khazneh demonstrates what a major axis of world trade and travel Petra used to be. The Al-Khazneh was made famous by its pop culture representations like in the famous film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and it is indeed very fitting for Indy to travel to the Al-Khazneh which is said to be holding the treasure of Pharaoh.

One other notable site is the City of the Dead, the town cemetery, which is a wonder to behold. In the middle of it, the Nabataeans have erected a giant theater that could hold up to eight thousand people that watched the ancient burial ceremonies.

The A-Dir, “The Monastery”, is located on the heights of Petra, and is only reachable via a long climb composed of 750 steps. It is more than worth the climb, because the A-Dir is the biggest structure in whole of Petra. As a result of the marks made by passing Christians, the A-Dir has received its nickname because the locals though it might be an ancient church.  While it probably isn’t that, it is still well worth seeing.


How to Get There

Because the passage to Petra is located to the extreme south of Israel, the best way to get there is to take a Petra tour from the southern city of Eilat. While other methods of transportation are available, this is without a doubt the shortest, most comfortable, most interesting and cheapest way to get to Jordan and see this world wonder for yourself. Tours go out from Eilat throughout the year, and its closeness to Petra allows the traveler to combine the experience of a great trip with the experience of a great resort city.