Holidays in Petra

Petra desert roadFor holidays in Petra you will find that there are many tour options of how you see the site, how long you spend in Petra and where you stay overnight. Holidays in Petra usually include a stay either in Eilat, Israel, Aqaba, Jordan, Petra or Wadi Rum. A holiday in Petra can be one day long or two and include several tour options. You can also choose the type of accommodation you prefer which could be a hotel or even a Bedouin tent.

Petra Holiday Tour options from Eilat

If you want a holiday in Petra and are coming from Eilat, Israel you can get a tour which takes you by coach across the Israeli/Jordanian border and has you back at your hotel in Eilat by evening. Your holiday in Petra won’t be limited to the UNESCO site but also include several fascinating tourist attractions along the way like the Hasan Palace. On the return journey your holiday in Petra could include a tour of the city of Aqaba. You will also have time to visit the Bedouin market and have a relaxed meal in the Nabataen Tent restaurant.

Stay in Tel aviv for the holiday and take a tour to Petra

If you are staying in a Tel-Aviv hotel and don’t want to spend more than a day in Petra then there are holidays in Petra which would suit you as well. To help you get the most out of the day you can fly from Tel-Aviv (there is a small airport right in Tel-Aviv) to Eilat and from there join a tour into Jordan and to the breathtaking city of Petra. On your return journey you can fly back to Tel-Aviv and continue your hotel stay there. If you are taking your holiday in Petra from Tel-Aviv then you can choose to stay in one of the Tel-Aviv hotels. There are Petra tours from Tel-Aviv which include one night in a tourist class hotel (with breakfast) or you could stay at one of Tel-Aviv’s other hotels which cover the full range of hotel classes.

Holiday in Eilat &  a visit to Petra

Picture of a donkey in PetraIf you are taking your holiday in Petra from Eilat you have the option of including a stay at an Eilat hotel in your tour package. Eilat has many, many hotels of all classes but considering you will be out sightseeing all day a tourist class hotel is more than adequate. The tourist class hotels in Eilat are of an acceptable standard and include a good Israeli breakfast. Your holiday in Petra from Eilat will then be the same as those taking the tour to Petra without accommodation in Eilat. You could choose to stay on a few extra nights in Eilat and explore the gorgeous beaches, water sports, and world famous coral reefs and dolphin reef.

Holiday in Aqaba & a visit to Petra

If you are coming from Eilat but want to include in your Petra holiday a stay in Aqaba then there are also tour options for this. Tours from Eilat take you to Aqaba the night before the tour of the ancient city of Petra so that you can get an early and relaxed start the next morning. By staying a night in Aqaba you will get to know the Jordanians a little more and see another facet of the country. Aqaba is a Jordanian city on the Red Sea, and famous for it’s beautiful views, and sea front. If you wish at the end of the day tour to Petra you can return to Aqaba for another night in the Jordanian city and even take a city tour, alternatively the tour can return you to Eilat, Israel. Tour prices can include one night in a tourist class hotel in Aqaba.

A Holiday in Petra while staying in Petra

To get the most out of a holiday in Petra you could take a 2 day tour which includes transfer from Eilat (if coming from Tel-Aviv you would have flown into Eilat that morning) to Aqaba and then by deluxe vehicles to the City of Petra where you will get a full guided tour of the ancient site. In the evening you will be at your leisure to walk around, taste the local food and enjoy the cool Jordan night air in the small city of Wadi Mesa near the entrance to the archeological park of Petra. The 2 day tours include a night in a 3 star hotel in Petra.
The next morning you will have some time after breakfast to do some souvenir shopping and peruse the local stores before setting off for Wadi Rum. In this huge valley you will see where Laurence of Arabia spent time; the red and white sand dunes; ruins from the Nabataen era and perhaps also Jebel Khazali, a canyon with Nabataen rock carvings. Then your holiday in Petra will take you back to Aqaba where you may wish to take a city tour before arriving back in Eilat, Israel in the evening.

Holiday in Petra while staying in a tent in Wadi Rum

If you really want to get a feel of the desert life on your holiday in Petra then take a tour which includes accommodation in a Bedouin tent in Wadi Rum. A tour of this kind would include a guided tour of the ancient city of Petra and a short horse ride in Petra as well as a unique stay in a Bedouin tent. In the Bedouin tent you can sample traditional food, listen to the Bedouin music in the evening or just gaze up at the pitch black sky full of stars undisturbed by city light pollution. When you wake in the morning to dark sweet tea and the surrounding desert scenery you can then enjoy a traditional breakfast and take off on an adventurous 2 hour Jeep safari. This is followed by a city tour of Aqaba and some retail therapy in the local Aqaba bazaar before returning to Eilat, Israel.