Cycling Tours Israel

There are a number of cycle tours available in Israel and the country is geared towards outdoor recreational activities and sports. In addition to the many official cycle routes there are several inner-city cycle paths and cycle tours available. In the major cities there are bike-share programs where you can rent a bike from one of many stations across the city and return the bike at a different location. This convenient cycle-share program is a great way to see a city. In Tel Aviv the bike-share program is called Tel-o-Fun.

Whether you choose to see the country by cycling independently or by joining a group you will find that the Israeli mentality and the wonderful weather are perfect for cyclists. There are cycle tours for people of all levels of fitness and in all areas of the country from the Galilee to the Negev Desert in the south.

Cycling Tours Israel

Leading cycling events in Israel include the Arad Dead Sea Gran Fondo which takes place annually in March. There is also Sovev Tel Aviv (or around Tel Aviv), an event held in September. Sovev Tel Aviv is the country’s largest cycle event and attracts about 30,000 cyclists annually.

Israel Tour Packages

You can combine a cycle tour with one of BeinHarim Tours Israel tour packages which come in several varieties. The Israel tour packages range from three days to 10 days and focus on the tourist’s interests, the top historic sites and attractions. Once you have taken an exhilarating cycle tour of the country sit back and relax on one of the Israel tour packages to see the rest of the country and what it has to offer.

For Christian travelers there are Israel tour packages which focus on Biblical locations including the sites where Jesus was born in Bethlehem; where he spent his ministry preaching in the Galilee; where he was crucified in Jerusalem and where he spent his childhood in Nazareth.

Jewish travelers can take a package tour which brings them to sites like the Western Wall and the graves of holy Jewish sages. A visit to Safed is often included in Jewish tours; this hilltop city is where many holy Jewish texts were written including the mystical Kabbalah.

General interest package tours include famous landmarks like the Old City of Jerusalem; Tel Aviv; the Baha’i Gardens in Haifa; Rosh HaNikra in the extreme north of the country; the Sea of Galilee; the Golan Heights; the Dead Sea; Masada and even the beach resort city of Eilat on the edge of the Red Sea. If you have time you could also include a visit to Petra, Jordan in your Israeli itinerary. When planning a cycle tour in Israel be sure to include at least a few days of touring the county with an organized tour so that you will be sure of seeing all the top attractions.