Cycling Tour in Israel

This one is for our forest loving friends who like to mix great cycling with an entertainment rich environment. The Ben Shemen forest national park, located in lowland Israel, has anything you could think of and then some: a wicked bike trail, a monkey park, historical landmarks from the age of the Maccabees, artwork, picnic grounds and just about anything a national park could offer. Whether you are looking for a good action packed day for the family or just a beautiful forest cycling, Ben Shemen is definitely a destination that is more than worth your time, as are the other cool destination you can get by taking an Israel tour packages with the ever exciting BeinHarim Tours. So without further ado, let’s talk a bit about the park and why you should definitely visit.

Special Attractions

Monkey park: Aside from the amazing forest that is over 7,500 acers long, the most amazing thing about the Ben Shemen forest is the monkey park. In the park, the monkeys are using the trees to do what they do best, and it’s so unbelievably exciting to watch them do it that you’ll never want to leave. The monkey park makes a visit to Ben Shemen a favorite choice of many Israeli families, as it allows to split the day between nature and a kid friendly activity in a manner that best utilizes a day of vacation.

Monks’ Valley: Monks’ Valley is a site located in the park which contains three caves, one which was used by pilgrims making their way to Jerusalem and was supposedly the setting of a miracle which God performed for a rabbi named Gamzo, one which served as a Roman burial ground and a water cave which has a cute little pool in it. Easily the most historic site on the premises, Monk’s valley is a peeking hole into the distant past and its realities.

Park for the people with seeing disabilities: One of the most touching attractions of the Ben Shemen forest is a small park within it that was specifically designed for people with seeing disabilities. This park incorporates many kinetic elements that allow blind people to navigate it without assistance, and it is also recommended for people without seeing disabilities to try to walk it blindly to feel what it is like and increase empathy.

Best Hiking Route

There are many great ways to explore the Ben Shemen forest park, but the most exciting is definitely by bike. You can rent a bike on the premise or bring your own, but be prepared for an exciting eighteen-and-a-half miles of riding through one of the most beautiful forests in the middle east. While many routes in Ben Shemen enable bike riding, take our suggestion and follow the one marked red: the medium difficulty trail which takes you through the heart of the forest.

To get there, enter the forest by car from route 443 east. After getting to the forest, get your bikes and ride along the blue trail until you reach the red trail marking. From there on, just ride and enjoy. Keep in mind that the park can get hot at times, so the morning usually works best for riding.


Israel private tours

Seeing Israel with your own private tour guide is the ideal way to cover the attractions in an enjoyable, stress-free and efficient way. There are private Israel day trips to many destinations across the country, each focused on a particular area or interest. Some of the BeinHarim Tours Israel private tours focus on Biblical sites in Jerusalem and in the Galilee; other tours take you to fascinating locations like the Dead Sea and Masada. There are also private day tours from central Israel and from Eilat to Petra in Jordan. Whatever your interests and whatever time restraints you have you can find a private tour which satisfies you. In addition there are private transportation services from Ben Gurion Airport to Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and Natanya. If you are arriving in Israel on a cruise ship then you can book a private day tour from ship-to-shore.

Top Private Israel Tours

Although it is possible to tailor-make your private tour there are suggested itineraries provided so that you have some idea of what can be covered in one day.

Jerusalem Private Tours

On a private tour to Jerusalem you will be able to plan with your tour guide whether to focus on Biblical sites like the Via Dolorosa, Stations of the Cross and the Holy Sepulchre or on Jewish landmarks like the Wailing Wall; King David’s Tomb and Yad VaShem. You could also opt for a tour of the unique ancient waterways which run beneath the city and the excavated City of David. Other Jerusalem private tours cover the city’s historic sites in general and take you to Christian, Jewish and Muslim landmarks as well as the gorgeous Mount of Olives and Mount Zion. You could take one of the Israel private tours dividing your day between Jerusalem and Bethlehem or the Dead Sea.

Masada and the Dead Sea Private Tours

Take an exciting private excursion to the desert rock outcrop of Masada where King Herod built his mountain top desert fortress on the flat summit of Masada. A tour to Masada is usually combined with a visit to the adjacent Dead Sea. At the Dead Sea you can choose to spend time lounging on the beach or visiting one of the shore-side spas for special spa treatments that use Dead Sea products.

Israel Private Tours to the North

Israel private tours

Private tours to northern Israel include places like Nazareth where Jesus grew up and where the annunciation took place. You can also visit the Sea of Galilee and many landmarks on the shores of the sea like the Mounts of Beatitudes and the site of the miracle of the loaves and fish. Near the Sea of Galilee is a site called Yardenit on the Jordan River. Here tourists can be baptized in the same river where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. Other private tour options include Caesarea, Haifa, Acre, the Golan Heights, Tel Aviv the Judean Hills, Zichron and taking a private desert jeep tour.