The Treasury

The treasury ( see also tour petra & hotel in eilat ) is one of the most famous landmarks in the ancient city of Petra. Today the reason behind its establishment is still a mystery. The name of the treasury in Arabic is al khaz Neh; it is situated in the end of the Siq. After a long walk in the George, the building dwarfs you as you step towards the bright sunlight.

The building stands tall with height of 43 meters along with the width of 30 meters. The building is decorated with awesome decorative bands, Corinthian capitals, numerous figures and much more. The best part is that a funerary urn is crowned on the building. According to the local legend, the crown contains treasure of Parahaos. The scholars doubt that the building may have been treated as a temple and it might be mausoleum of a Nabataean king. The king may have been likely to be Aretas IV. Another theory states that it was a place to collect tolls from those of passing caravans. But this theory does not have much support. A Swiss traveller Ludwig Burckhardt also discovered a stream which flowed through the Siq and the Treasury. The stream was prone to flash flood which ultimately resulted in lots of debris in front of the building. When someone visits the building, they can see the steps going downwards but nobody is allowed to go down. It is said that it contains a tomb but still it is secured by an iron grill.

The best part of watching the building is before the sun when it gets too bright; at this time, it gives an awesome look at the early morning light. Mainly people hang out at plaza, clambering onto cliffs, resting at benches and taking a glimpse of the glory by taking pictures. The treasury gained lots of popularity after its short appearance in the Hollywood movies “Indiana Jones” and “The Last Crusade”. The building is represented as an entrance to the last resting place of the Holy Grail which is near Hatay.

A television series called “Petra” from National Geographic is also dedicated to the treasury or so to say khaz Neh. It includes all the process of explaining the establishment of the building through the courageous endeavour of human resourcefulness. The treasury also appeared in many other television series which were applauded by everyone, for instance, “Adventures of Tintin”, “Transformers, the revenge of the fallen” and “Sinbad and the eye of the tiger” etc.