Wadi Rum

The Wadi Rum is a region in the south of Jordan, 60km to the east of Aqaba( see also petra & wadi rum). The region is widely called The Valley of the Moon; it is basically a valley cut into the sandstone and the granite rocks over time and by constant erosion it has led to the formation of various stone structures. Wadi Rum is situated at an altitude of approximately 900m and consists of fairly steep mountains, the tallest of which is Mount Um Dami which is more than 1800m above sea level. These series of contiguous mountains are separated by deep canyons or wide and flat sandy rifts.

The foundation rock of the region is granite which is a solidified form of magma, on this granite base there are layers of sandstone, a sedimentary rock. These varying types of layers give a variety of colour to the area’s sand and stone formations. The region of Rum is a big tourist destination in Jordan next only to Petra. The region is home to the Zalabia Bedouin, the Bedouin people have a made a modest living by promoting tourism. They have successfully developed eco-tourism by working with climbers and trekkers and provide adventure sports along with camel and horse safaris. Tourists also come here for their love of petro glyphs, which can be found in the valley of Rum. Petro glyphs are pictograms and images created by removing parts of a rock surface by carving and other means. The walls of the caves in the Wadi region are speckled with petro glyphs depicting humans and antelopes and age back to the Thamudic times.

Since the Wadi Rum is a desert area, tourists may often find it difficult to reach, but this only adds up to give the region its peaceful and exotic appeal. The area only features limited options in terms of accommodation or shops and there are no banks or ATMs but tourists can enjoy the Bedouin experience by staying in camps region which provide them tents. There are only a limited number of buses running to and from Wadi Rum so it is generally advisable to stick to the schedule and be wary. The region offers various trekking opportunities among the tranquil and serene landscape, the only thing to remember is that the day and night temperatures vary widely here like all desert regions and tourists are advised to come well prepared and bring along something warm to wear. The tourists first arrive at the tourist center and all arrangements can be made before hand there.

The Wadi Rum region is one of the most beautiful places in the Middle East and a visit is definitely advised to anyone who is planning a trip to Jordan.

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  1. Looks a good desert experience, a visit to Petra (i think is a must), then spending a night in a tent, desert camp, fire, great

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