Weather in Petra

The temperature in Ma’an (Petra area) is:

Petra has predominantly warm weather, being in the middle of an arid desert however you can plan to see Petra when the weather is more comfortable and not swelteringly hot. From February to May the weather in Petra is pleasant, not too hot and not cold. From May to October Petra has it’s hottest months and the height of the summer in Petra is in July and August. From November to early January the Petra winter brings mild warm days and surprisingly cold nights with rain and even occasional flash floods. During rare heavy rainfall the site can be evacuated by guards in anticipation of a flood as Petra lies in a valley.

Petra weather in the summer

The average temperature in Petra during the summer is 30 ̊C (86 ̊F). In July and August the temperatures range from 25 ̊C (77 ̊F) to 41 ̊C (105 ̊F) and rain is extremely unlikely. If visiting Petra in the summer your journey will still be an enjoyable one so long as you prepare for the weather by taking along a hat, sunscreen, plenty of drinking water to guard against dehydration, light clothing which covers and protects your skin from the sun and sunglasses. Without the proper protection you could experience heatstroke from the dry heat. When you return from your visit to Petra in the summer be sure to lather your skin with plenty of moisturizer. Towards the beginning and end of summer Petra can experience Humsin – an extremely dry heat with low humidity and dusty gusts of wind blowing in from the desert, the Humsin is often broken at the end of the day with a sudden and brief rainfall. Although Petra has hot summers the evenings can get chili so be sure to pack a light sweater.

Petra weather in the winter

In the winter Petra temperatures average 13 ̊C (55 ̊F) and January is the coldest month in Petra. From December to February the temperatures in Petra range from 10 ̊C (50 ̊F) to 32 ̊C (89 ̊F). It also may be useful to know when planning your trip to Petra that in the winter months of January and December there are 7 daylight hours in Petra and in July and August there are 12 hours of sunlight. Although the winter months in Petra are the “rainy” months there are only an average of 2 rainy days in December and January. Thanks to the minimal annual rainfall in Petra of 50mm, Petra’s sandstone structures have been well preserved.

When is the best weather to visit Petra

The best time to visit Petra is in spring or autumn (fall, around March or October) when you are not prone to experience the sweltering heat or unwanted rainfall and cold nights. However a visit to Petra can be enjoyed in any weather just arm yourself with either sunscreen, a hat and water or an umbrella and warm clothing.